Err, in this story, I'll involve Minho the first because I knew about him more than other members, and, I'm not a good conversationalist, so I don't know what should I talk about xD just check it out! ;)


In this story, Minho has a "Little Sister" whose called Minyoung, but actually Minyoung is his BFF (in this story).

Chapter 1

.... Minyoung: Hey oppa*! Whatcha been doing?

Minho: Aigoo**, you shocked me! Let's go to the field! Wanna race me?

Minyoung: Yeahh!!!

Both: 1, 2, 3, here we go!

Minho: *panting* that was only luck. I'm just getting exhausted. I haven't eaten all day!

Minyoung: Oh so you never admitted of losing before? *chuckles*

Minho: Come on, what's so funny? Did Onew hyung asked to marry a chicken (xD)? Tell me please! I've been known you for 10 years and that's enough! Why are you suddenly keeping secrets?

Minyoung: I remembered.. Aigoo, there are gangsters want to kick us!!

Minho: I'll beat them up!

Minyoung: There! *points to Minho*

Minho: Where? *realizes* ah, stop joking!

Minyoung: *devil face*

Minho: *trollface*

Jonghyun: Ya! Chingu!***

2Min (Minho&Minyoung): *????????*

Jonghyun: *stares at Minyoung* Aigoo, is this your girlfriend?

Minho: WHAT?!?!?! NO! She's my BFF!

Minyoung: Yeah Oppa's right! I'm only 16 and he's 20!

Jonghyun: Aigoo, but she's too cute! Even cuter than the teddy bear Taemin uses!

Minyoung: OMG, Taem oppa still uses teddy bears?!?! *eyes got wide*

Jonghyun: Well, yeah, let's play basketball!

All: Yeah! *stares at Key and Minzy****

Key&Minzy: Why do you stare at us like that?

Jonghyun: er, nothing!

Minho: Come on! What are you guys waiting for? Let's go for some sports!

All: Let's go! *then plays basketball*

  • thunders*

Minzy: Gosh, looks like it's going to rain soon. Bye Minho oppa, Key oppa, Jjong oppa, and bye Minyoung!

What will happen in the rain? Check out the 2nd chapter!


•Oppa = Older boy (for girls)

•Aigoo = OMG, Gosh, or something like that

•Ya! Chingu! = Means: Hey! Friend !

•Minzy = a 2NE1 member

Chapter 2

  • rains*

JongKey: Oh man, why do it rains? Bye 2Min!

Minyoung: *sigh* Oh! Hopefully there's a treehouse! Let's go!

Minho: Hey,wait!

Jonghyun: *mysterious wink*

Minho: *rolls eyes*

At the treehouse...

Minyoung: Ah, we're alone now... Are you hungry, hyung?

Minho: *chuckles then LOL-ed*

Minyoung: What's so funny?

Minho: Remember that "Noona*" accident?

Minyoung: Yeah! Who could forget that?!?! Now I just need to remind myself not to call Victoria (a F(x) member) unnie** a noona anymore... -_-"

Minho: Hey, there's some blood here...

Minyoung: Are you bleeding?

Minho: No! This is a letter written by blood!

Minyoung: Sheesh, what weirdo was that? Writing a letter by blood?!?! DISGUSTING!!!

Minho: Yeah...

Minyoung: I found some ramen here, hopefully they're not expired. So it means someone suicided herself here...

Minho: What if the person was actually male?

"Minyoung's POV"

Sheesh, this house is terrifying! I wish the rain stops...

"Oppa, the rain stops!" I said.

"Oh! Hopefully! Oh, there's a rainbow,"

"Wow... So pretty..."


"Why do I feel something.. Like a butterfly under my skin..."

-End of Minyoung's POV-

Minho: Sooooo.... The rain's stopped. Let's go home!

Minyoung: Alright...

2 Days Later...

Minyoung: This is it! I'm prepared for audition, now I just need to go by myself!

What will happen in the audition? Find out on chapter 3!


•Noona = Older girl (for boys)

•Unnie = Older girl (for girls)

•Hyung = Older boy (for boys)

Chapter 3

Minyoung: I am so ready! I'll go right now!

Minyoung: Mom?! Can I go right now?

Mrs. Min: Yes, go. Go break a leg!

Minyoung: Thanks, mom!

SM Staff: Min Soo Young, what song would you like to sing?

Minyoung: SNSD's Dear Mom, because a love my mom more than ayone else.

SM Staff: Alright. Let the song begin.

  • music starts*

Minyoung: *sings melodiously*

SM Staff: What a wonderful voice. So now let's see your rap and dance skills. You'll have to rap SNSD's The Boys.

Minyoung: Okay. *then raps The Boys and dances Hello (by SHINee).

SM Staff: Your rap is perfect, but your dance is still a little... Too weak.

SM Staff: Min Soo Young?

Minyoung: Yes, ma'am?

SM Staff: You're accepted as a trainee.

Minyoung: Aigoo, I do?!?! AAAA!!! Thanks, Unnie!

SM Staff: You are destined to. *smiles lightly*

Minyoung (on phone): Oppa! Can we meet at the studio near the baseball stadium?

Minho (on phone): Yeah! When!

Minyoung (on phone): NOW! Bye!

Minyoung: Guess what, oppa? I'm accepted as a SM Trainee! Incredible, right!

Minho: *eyes widened* You do? Then you'll be my fellow labelmate soon! *smiles the most charming smile ever*

Minyoung: Gee, I got this feeling again! Aigoo, what's gotten into me?

Minho: Seems that you didn't need any surgery! You're way too beautiful!

Minyoung: *blushes strawberry red* oppa, you're making me start to feel shy.

Minho: *smiles charmingly*

Minyoung: *doing her cutest aegyo ever*

Minho: See? You're cute! And I'm going to listen to your voice this evening!

Minyoung: Where?

Minho: On the radio!! See you tomorrow at school!

Minyoung: Chingu, do you know what?

Jinri (this is Minyoung's female friend): What?

Minyoung: I'm accepted as a Trainee on SM!

Jinri: Really? Go break a leg!

Minyoung: Oh, and I start to feel like I'm crushing on... Minho oppa.

Jinri: I wish you luck on getting closer to him!

Minyoung: And he says I'm cute, too! Am I?

Jinri: No, you're not. Haha, kidding, sister! It seems that he likes you, too! And, don't forget your Straight, Long hair!

Minyoung: JINRI!!!!!

Jinri: *grins*

Will Minyoung confess her feelings to Minho?

Chapter 4

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