I'll introduce the characters included in my fanfic. Enjoy it!

Minho's Story

Girls XP (girl group)

1.Min Soo Young

Her real name is Sooyoung, but everyone called her Minyoung. She sometimes behave like a boy, so that's why she sometis called her oppas "Hyung".


  • Cute
  • Shy (but Confident)
  • Brave
  • Funny
  • Stylish

2.Lee Ae Yeon

Minyoung's fellow bandmate, who has a huge obsession about Key oppa.


  • Feminine
  • Childish
  • Aegyo Queen
  • Smart
  • Innocent

3.Choi Hye Rin

Aeyeon's cousin by marriage, but, unlike her cousin, she is matured and only will do aegyo if told to ;).


  • Charming
  • Mature
  • Quiet
  • Bookworm
  • Extremely Clumsy (in a funny way)

4.Min Chae Hye

Minyoung's older half-sister, but she is sooo unlike her half-sister.


  • Athletic
  • Fashion Queen
  • Funny
  • Cute
  • Equestrian

5.Lee Tae Rin

Aeyeon's identical twin sister, with a few differences :p


  • Aegyo Queen
  • Cute
  • Great in Inline Skate
  • Hydrophobic (in the story she one nearly drowned to death)
  • Innocent


1.Kim Yoona

She's jealous of Minyoung because she has crush on Minho too. But Minho never likes her even a tiny bit.


  • Mean
  • Party Animal
  • Genius
  • Immature
  • Evil

2.Cho Yumi

She is one of Yoona's followers and she hated Minyoung for an unknown reason.


  • Blunt
  • Vain
  • Evil
  • Careless
  • Sporty


1.Minzy (Gong Min Ji)

She is one of 2NE1's Dancers and Rappers


  • Fun
  • Charismatic
  • Dance Machine
  • Quiet
  • Multi-Talented

2.SHINee Boys (Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin)

Members of our favorite boy group, SHINee.


  • Assorted!

3.Sooyoung (Choi Soo Young)

One of SNSD's lead dancers.


  • Funny
  • Obedient
  • Talented
  • Honest
  • Charismatic (as most idols do)
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