Flame of Love

Taemin - Flame of Love - CD Cover

Taemin - Flame of Love - CD+DVD Cover

Taemin - Flame of Love - Fanclub Edition Cover

Artist Taemin
Length 20:36
Genre Dance, ballad
Release Date June 18, 2017
Singles "Flame of Love"
Label(s) EMI Records
Sayonara Hitori (2016)
MOVE (2017)

Flame of Love is the second Japanese mini album by Taemin, released on July 18, 2017 in three editions: CD only, CD+DVD, and a fanclub limited edition. The song "Flame of Love" was used to promote the album.



  1. Flame of Love
  2. I'm Crying
  3. Do It Baby
  4. DOOR
  5. Itsuka koko de (いつかここで)



  1. Flame of Love (Music Video)
  2. Flame of Love (Dance Version Video)
  3. Jacket & Music Video Shooting Sketch

Fanclub Limited Edition

a-nation 2016 stadium fes. Special Edition

  1. Sayonara Hitori (さよならひとり)
  2. Drip Drop (Japanese Version)
  3. Press Your Number (Japanese Version)
  4. Danger
  5. Sekai de Ichiban Aishita Hito (世界で一番愛した人)
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