SHINee's Hello Baby
Genre Reality show
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of episodes 13
Location(s) Bukchon Hanok Village
Running time Approx. 50 minutes
Original network KBSJoy
Original release January 19, 2010 - April 6, 2010
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SHINee's Hello Baby is a South Korean reality television series broadcast by KBSJoy in 2010. It is the second season of KBS' Hello Baby series, this time starring SHINee.

Main Cast


SHINee came out from KBS Headquarters at 09:00 AM, only to be followed by SM's staff, with cameramen. As the five boys walked towards their car, their manager offered them to follow the SM staff.

"Manager-hyung, do we have another schedule?" asked Jonghyun.

"Just follow us." replied their manager.

Jonghyun tried to enter SHINee's car, but the door wouldn't budge. To their shock, they saw one of the staff members in the car, driving away.

"I don't think this is right!" exclaimed Key and Jonghyun.

Jonghyun then laughed. SHINee realized they were tricked into following SM. Since their car had been driven off, they had no choice but to get into SM's bus and follow them.

Soon, they arrived at an unusual place. When SHINee got off the bus, Taemin ran up behind a tree, trying to escape. But of course, he failed.

"Where are we?" SHINee wondered aloud.

"It says we are at... Bukchon Hanok Village!"

They entered the village, a traditional house starting to be seen.

"It's Hanok Village", said Minho as he walked, rubbing his hands together on the cold day.

When they entered, they found Yoogeun. And so the story begins.

The baby: Yoogeun

Jung Yoo-geun is the 4 year old baby SHINee had to take care of. His personality is sweet, funny, outgoing and cute. He loves to joke around, but he knows when it's not the time to play funny. He always listens to his "appas".



Minho is very close with Yoogeun. He would feed him, comfort him when he's sad, play with him and solve the problems. Minho really cares for Yoogeun. With that, Minho was picked as one of the best "appas" (Dads) by Yoogeun on the first 3 episodes of the show.


Key acts as a motherly figure to Yoogeun. Yoogeun really likes Key and he plays with him a lot.


Jonghyun is always caring, but he wants to be closer with Yoogeun. He usually asks Yoogeun to give him kisses. In the show, Jonghyun keeps trying to get Yoogeun to kiss him when the camera's on them, but he fails... a lot.


Onew was rather shy in the first episodes of Hello Baby. He tries to get closer with Yoogeun like Jonghyun. He always fails. But in the few last episodes, they play with each other a lot, thus proving their friendly relationship.


Taemin fits with Yoogeun's point of view, and he always has fun with him.

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