SHINee Wiki

This is our Wiki Policy. It contains the guidelines on what is and is not appropriate on this wiki. All users are expected to follow this policy.

These rules may be subject to change.

Main Policy

  • Users must have an account in order to edit.
    • Users must be 13 years of age (or older) in order to create an account on FANDOM.
  • Do not add information that is not related to SHINee, unless it is in your user page or blog.
  • We do not tolerate fanwars, so don't start them. We however encourage debates and discussions, as long as an admin is moderating.
  • Do not add sexual/graphic/inappropriate/NSFW content on this wiki. This wiki is available to users of all ages, so we only allow content that is G-Rated (for general audiences).
  • Please notify an admin if a user breaks one of these rules.
  • Do not threaten, attack or harass other users.

Article Policy

  • All the information added to the SHINee Wiki must be related to SHINee.
  • All information on the SHINee Wiki must be as accurate as possible. Please remember to cite your sources.
  • Do not delete any information, unless it is proven to be fake.
  • When adding links, please make sure they are official, and don't contain links to viruses or malware.
  • When finishing your edit, it would be appreciated to include an edit summary.
  • Articles must be unbiased and impartial. Sentences which contain editorial bias should be rewritten.
    • Bad Example: Taemin is the most handsome member of SHINee.
    • Good Example: Taemin is the main dancer of SHINee.

Translation Policy

  • Please copy translations of SHINee songs from a trustworthy source, like Color Coded Lyrics (
  • Please refrain from using Google Translate, due to the inaccuracy of the software.
  • It would be appreciated to credit the source you got the translations from.

Comments and Forums Policy

  • Please be nice. Do not insult or use swear words, or post offensive comments.
  • Please do not spam/repeat the same post again and again. We want to avoid oversaturation.
  • Do not promote other brands or products that are not related to SHINee.
  • No duplicate posts.

Image and Video Policy

  • Screenshots, fanart, memes and/or edits are allowed on user pages or blog posts only.
  • Do not add inappropriate or disturbing images or videos.
  • All photos and videos must be related to SHINee.
  • All photos must have a descriptive title in order for users to find them easily.
    • Bad Example: 02486903.jpg
    • Good Example: Taemin FAMOUS single cover.jpg
  • Do not upload duplicate files.
  • Do not steal photos from fansites.

Blog Policy

  • You can create blog posts introducing yourself here.
  • Do not use blog posts to promote/advertise products. Wikis are sites that provide knowledge to people.