SNS stands for Social Networking Site, and only three out of the five members are known to have one. Though Minho and Taemin lack a SNS account, they still maintain somewhat of a presence through company SNS accounts and close friends. Out of the two of them, Minho is more active; but out of all five members Key is the most active, with Minho coming in as a close second. Although each SHINee member is equally likely to appear in either a company's SNS or a friend's SNS, regardless of whether they have an account of their own or not.

Korean SNS Accounts

With Accounts

Onew in black and white


Jonghyun smiling


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Taemin 2013


Without Accounts



Company Accounts

SM Entertainment has several accounts dedicated to promoting SMTOWN, as well as SHINee. Those listed below are specifically about SHINee, with the exception of SM's official YouTube page and SMTOWN's Instagram account.

Japanese Accounts

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